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    Can not start game

    This is so annoying - i played every release of "Anno 1800" but this one does not want to start. The newest error after some really big updates: The Procedure entry point ... in DLL ... Anno 1800 not found (translated from german).
    Hey you guys from ubisoft. I understand that u want to protect your games. But if it is not possible to play them - isn't this the perfect protection?
    Well maybe if i disable anything but MS on my computer it might run but - why do i not have problems with steam games but with yours? Aren't you able to fix this?
    Sorry but i am currently really angry as i was so happy to buy the game and to play and now i am updating and posting errors...
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    Hello drummelbummel, welcome to the forums! Our Support Team can look into this and try to fix you up. You can reach Support in these ways:

    If you would like to submit a Support Ticket for help you can do so here:

    You can also reach out to our Facebook and Twitter Support pages here:
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    Dort steht zu lesen: Angesichts der aktuellen Situation beschränken wir unseren Support vorübergehend nur auf Live-Chat.

    Die Gewährleistung der Gesundheit und das Wohlbefinden unserer Teams ist immer eine unserer obersten Prioritäten. Wir halten die Entwicklung des Coronavirus (COVID-19) im Auge und passen unser Handeln an die Situation an. Infolgedessen reduzieren wir vorübergehend unseren E-Mail-Support und verlagern den größten Teil unseres Supports in den Live-Chat.

    * Die Chat-Option ist momentan nicht verfügbar. Bitte wählen Sie eine andere Support-Methode.

    Das ist wirklich ein super toller Support ...
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    Thanks for providing this information however our team are only able to offer support on these forums in English at this time, apologies for this.

    If you'd like to request support in your preferred language, you can do so over at our German language forums here.

    In the meantime, based off your original message, could I ask if you have attempted our troubleshooting steps.?
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    Yes, i tried many things. even booting up with a clean system where all "non-Microsoft" services were disabled. What i wonder about - i have in my mind that before updating to Windows 2004 i had a different error. This one now is strange as it only means that the system is unable to get the "locales" from the os. Even starting as admin did not help. this is very frustrating...
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    Hi drummelbummel sorry to here you are still experiencing this problem and unable to launch the game.

    I see you have disable Microsoft services on startup. Can I ask do you have any anti-virus software running? Please make sure to whitelist Anno and the game launcher if that is the case.

    Do you have any conflicting software such as a game overlay running or any overclocking software? This can sometimes stop the game from launching too, and you can disable it in the same way through Task Manager in the Start Up programs section.

    Another option is to verify the game files, in case anything went wrong in installation of the game.

    Let me know if any of this helps you or not.
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    Hello Milky,
    i was able to fix the problem myself. After checking some of the log files from the launcher i uninstalled this and re-installed outside of the "ProgramFiles" structure.
    As far as i can say, it was a problem with the protection of regular installed programs. After moving the launcher to the root of my games drive everything was fine.
    Thx for the follow up. Have a good time.
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