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    Card mentioned by a youtuber

    I wasn't sure of whether or not I should've put the card name in the title, since it's not my idea, but someone like BeatsPH mentioned a card Warrior Heidi for the fantasy theme. The thing is, i'm not sure if it would even matter much if you hit twice in a line, since you could just hit once and do more damage, but instead, what if she threw the disc in an arc, or in like a circular way like you would throw a frisbee and the roundabout way it flies around? I would like to point out while it may as well never happen, it'd probably be a little interesting, it was when I thought about it. Maybe it's only good on paper, i don't know. and again, BeatsPH is pretty much the one to come up with the idea. Just incase it was seen, I thought I'd mention how it could be a bit better than it was mentioned there. I apologize if this means it shouldn't be in this topic area due to that.
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    I wanted to edit, but couldn't so Ill have to mention it here, I think I actually meant boomerang and not frisbee.
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