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    When will this game come?

    When will this game come? Its now 6 month in year 2020 and still no game.
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    At this point it would be a good bit of fan service to at least manage our expectations.
    I'm not alone in the fact i have had this pre-ordered for quite a while and the least you could do is say sorry were at least 3 months or 6 months away.
    Any longer than that then frankly you should not have allowed Epic to take pre-orders.
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    They should offer refunds.

    Another example why we should not pre-order. Ever.
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    Shame ...

    This is ridiculous. I bought the game almost 7 months ago and I don't even have a demo. Shame.
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    This game feels like "my date didn't showed up "

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    This is one of the reasons I never pre-order

    I know it can be difficult to give an exact date, but anything is better than nothing. Are they expecting this game to be released end of summer? Near Christmas? In 2025?
    The lack of communication removes any hype there is for the game. The only thing we see is those posts where they talk about a specific building. There hasn't been any new gameplay videos for a long time
    My guess is it will take long time before they are ready for release
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    When will the game be released?
    I pre-ordered it in 2018, with it being released in 2019. Then the game was postponed to 2020. And now the release date is still not set? Does this behavior seem normal to you? Any apology or compensation when I've been waiting (and paying) this long? Any beta or something?
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    I actually received a refund for this game with no explanation given yesterday. I am rather disappointed since I don't know why the refund was given to me, and if this means the whole game will not be coming out any time soon? Has anybody else received a refund?
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    Yes my pre-order was also refunded yesterday with no explanation. I see the Ubisoft store now lists the release as 2021 for the "Gold edition" and it no longer has a price.
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    The strange thing is that this game was so close to release, like a month or so. And suddenly over a year of additional delay.
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