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    Using guitar rig and rocksmith at the same time

    Hi. My rocksmith works with the behringer umc22 fine. But when I turn on guitar rig 5, rocksmith stops detecting my audio interface. Yesterday, I fixed this by unchecking "Give exclusive mode applications priority" in the speakers/microphone properties. And it worked. Rocksmith/guitar rig played fine together. Now today it isn't working again. And can't figure out how to fix it. Anyone know whatsup?

    And just realized I posted this in the wrong spot. Can a mod move this to the tech support section. Thanks.
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    pedietz's Avatar Senior Member
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    an expensive way would be to use an ABY splitter and an extra laptop.

    put game on playstation/xbox/steambox1 and run guitar rig 5 on laptop 2.
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    I'd make sure the exclusive mode hadn't reverted back to being on. Especially if plugged in to a different port, it may have been on again.

    My setup is a bit different, so I can't be too much help I don't think. I run my guitar into a Zoom g5n pedal, then Rocksmith cable to my computer. Then I run an aux audio cable from my computer in to aux port on an amp. Works great, but certainly not the cheapest option lol.
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