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    Crew mechanics

    Iíve been playing woodlands recently and one of the things I enjoy is having my NPC squad following me around.

    Letís say in BGE2 we build up our crew on our ship, we could then be given the option to recruit 3 at a time to accompany us on a mission or even in free roam. Enabling similar squad commands as are seen in wildlands.

    This could then mean if we meet up with other captains online a mission could be undertaken by 2 online players and 6 NPC crew members.

    What does everyone else think?
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    Someone please respond.
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    It is an interesting idea, you could choose the crew members with the best abilities for each different type of mission
    The problem is that it will be difficult create a good way to implement this mechanic, especially online. A little example that comes to mind is that if you and your friends take a tuk-tuk and go to another part of the city, how can the npcs follow you?
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