We wanted to give you an update on the end date for Season 1 – Shadow Tide. As you might know we are having a Public Test Server (PTS) for our next Title Update, TU10. We previously mentioned that we want to make sure we have enough time to give our players the opportunity to test the balance and gameplay changes on the PTS while also allowing us to have enough time to iterate on the feedback we will be receiving.

Season 1 was previously scheduled to end on June 1st and Season 2 was to follow shortly after that. We will change the Season 1 end date to June 15th to give players more time to get their Season levels as well as having time to test the changes of TU10 on the PTS if you play on PC. While the plan is to still have Season 2 start very soon after Shadow Tide ends the exact starting time will be depending on the results of the Public Test Server.

Thank you and stay safe!

//The Division 2 team