I recently began watching SC1 videos, for the 1st time, (honest, I never had a reason to until a steam member posted his SC1 run). The goal/objective notification at the bottom of the hud slides down and off screen seconds after being presented, in all missions from every video I wached. Anyone know how they do that? Is there a secret button or some script/patch placed in a folder/file?

On my game said notification remains on hud till it's replaced with a new message. I also notice that whenever I make a "quick" or "manual" save the message slides down 1 increment from it's previous position but when an auto save is made the message doesn't move.

It's been about 3 yrs since I played any of my SC games on my 2001 X, it died beginning of 2018 and I don't recall the goal notification moving at all while playing.