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    More races across the map like " New York " please

    I love the huge map and the single race that is using the big map is the Hypercar "New York". The game needs more races like this, something like " Tour of the states " or " Tour of the map " to earn some cash while also doing some nice roadtrips.

    This could be nice for all vehicle classes.
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    A couple of the "hobbies" is as close to new races as you are going to get.
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    Hobbies are a bit boring man.
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    I didn't say they were good.
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    100% agree, they could make an endurance race for each dicipline, with will cross the map, with more than 190km (in game footage), and aerial race that pass through almost every city in the map, boat races than cross all the rivers in the map, off road long endurance that cross country in dirty ways, and off course for street, circuit, alpha and everything that can acomodate a long endurance race that will give us a lot of bucks$$$ and and jump in Followers and hella parts to shatter!!

    ENDURANCE is the word of command!!!

    (PS) Drift, Dragster and acrobatics could just have a hella time to make points insteed of long run.
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    Hmm...getting paid to drive around the map...
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