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    Error CE-34878-0

    As requested video of the game crashing on PS4 Pro, this is the whole mission and crash with Sony messages. This was compiled using two different videos of the same mission and the quality is not the greatest.

    PS4 Pro, Hardwired, 1TB SSD, Virgin Hub 3 cable service 200mbps Download, 20mbps Upload

    Resolution 1080p = 1920 x 1080 - 60hz
    RGB Range: auto
    HDR: off - not supported
    Deep Colour Output: off
    HDCP: off
    Boost: no

    Crash happens at 34:28

    I have had a crash happen exactly on this crate in the game twice, it has happened several other times in this section of the game also when deploying either the artillery or assault turret on other crates/structures, it has happened on other locations during this Roosevelt Island Legendary Stronghold mission at other times. I have had thjs same crash code while firing a rifle and I have had the same on Tidal Basin on Heroic Invaded.

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    Thank you for your updates on this, I'll forward the latest reports to ensure the team is kept in the loop about the latest incidents
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