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    FusionShared, Bike/Rider and Tournaments all broken.

    Since the 30th of May I believe, no tracks have been shared cross-platform. Started a track and my bike and rider were the stock bike/rider. I went into the store and almost all gear purchased with acorns now says Coming Soon and isn't usable. The cartoon character Rayman is completely gone from the game, no coming soon for him, just not there. Tournaments all say new tournament starting and aren't highlight able. I posted to our Facebook group and it's the same on all platforms (Xbox, PS4, PC). Please look into this and fix ASAP.
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    I have the same issues as well. Fix this ubisoft!!!!
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    They are investigating. I had problems with multiplayer today too. We only got it working once on PS4. Did anyone else have that issue?
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    Yes (I’m PC player via Uplay / Steam)

    Since 01. Jan 2020
    - No notifications about who beat me
    - I don’t get coins/acorns by tournament's anymore, just don’t earn anything

    Since 30. May 2020
    - Outfits/Bikes/Wheels not available
    (Tells me ‚coming soon‘)
    - No user created tracks from X1/PS4 anymore
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    Ohh... seems like Ubisoft / Red Lynx have abandoned everyone in this game
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