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    I am looking for a serious team to play ranked and improve with.

    About me
    Hi, my name is SilentTex . I am 15 and I have been playing Siege since 2016. I started on PS4 and moved over to PC (the superior race) early 2020. I am looking for a serious team to play ranked and improve with.
    My Game
    I am dedicated to the game because of the amount of love I have for it, I will grind as much as I need to in order to improve but solo queuing is definitely not the answer to improvement. I tend to play more of a support role but I try to lean towards more of a flex role. For attack I main Thermite, Thatcher, Capitao, Hibana, and Buck. On defense I play Smoke, Mute, Vigil, and Maestro. If needed I will play anything required but preferably not shield ops. As of Void Edge I am on a bit of a cold streak and not playing at my best but I am working to fix that.
    Contact Me
    You can reach me through my Gmail and discord.
    Discord: SilentTex#1441
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    yo I am also looking for a team because solo queuing isn't working for me either. Are you looking for a group of four or are you trying to make a team.
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    Ok do you have discord?

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    yea its soumroneixid#0787
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    Looking for a team to improve

    Hi I have tried to add your discord and it says it is incorrect. I am also looking to improve to my full potential (and willing to put the hours in). I currently have a mate who I queue with but duo queuing isn't quite cutting it.
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    Discord ID?

    I tried to add you on discord but it didn't work. My ID is Missio#1893 my team (Sir) is looking for new members who want to take siege seriously to make it to the top. (Frequent practice and strat sessions etc) your op mains would fit in perfectly with the team and we are scrimming tomorrow if you would like to join. One of our members cannot play so you could consider it a tryout if you want.

    Are you sure this your correct discord info? SilentTex#1441
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    Join clan AOD

    yo if you wanna play in a consistent five stack feel free to join AOD. The link for the website is https://www.clanaod.net/forums/forms.php?do=form&fid=38 We are A great community and are the reason i play r6 every day to be honest. if you do join up use jaysiii as your referral see you in game!
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    If you have any spots would love to try out discord Purple_BuCkeT#6563
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