First: the solutions to builds and sets are a programming issue therefore I don’t know how fast they can be resolved.

Developers need to be clear on what their pvp goal is. How long should it take to kill a player? Look at division 1 for a reference and match it up with the div 2 mechanics. There is no real healing in division 2 pvp without a dedicated healer, so maybe the pvp modifier needs to be drastically different along with the healing. Maybe the medkit in pvp needs to be standard,

If we look at TTK and how builds are setup I think it comes down to high armor builds are able to sustain/outlive damage builds long enough to kill them. Especially with a pestilence. Does base armor on gear need a buff? An all red build should be able to kill a blue build, and a blue build should not be able to run in circles healing up or regening and take down a red build in 1-1.5 clips.

Now red builds are so fragile the prestilence can tick them down with ease, same for skill builds.

Negotiators - if it stays at 15 meters there needs to be a delay in when the other target takes damage. If two players are marked one or both has to move away from one another not to take damage, which can limit the success of a team. Either shorten the mark time drastically in pvp, or create a delay before the damage transfers. Or lower the damage.

However negotiators is the only set that allows for you to 1v4 or 1v3.

Foundry - An armor regen set with 3 foundry, 2 golan, and emperors guard knee pads is gonna be 5% regen, which is insane.

Versatile - 15 meter range for smg and shotgun with 25% amplified is so easy to get vs intimidate which requires bonus armor that can be chipped a away.