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    Same error

    I just got this game today and went to start it for the first time and had the same error at start up. Luckily turning the internet off worked so I could at least play a bit. Really gonna be bummed if I can't use any online songs going forward 😳
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    Ok, so it seems that everyone got that same issue. Maybe it's due to that new firmware update from Sony.
    Is there a chance that someone of Ubisoft responds to that old thread? Or should we better open a new one? You guys know how to report the problem to Ubisoft? We all spend money on that, so it has to work.
    I wonder if this just effects the PS4 version of the game. If so, I think it should easily be patched.
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    Another Rocksmith crash confirmation

    Hi all... First post here. I had taken a few years off from RS2014. But in the last 2 months I am playing a couple hours a day, every day. I feel like I'm finally making progress.

    I too just stared receiving the blue screen of death - generic console error with the latest ps4 system update. Happens like clockwork after clicking begin and the game trys to connect to ubisoft servers.

    I also tried all the usual troubleshooting, reinstalled the game, rebuilt database, backed up and initialized. Also I fired up the only other game I own, the uncharted collection and voila works without a hitch. Eliminating any console related issues.

    So instead of disabling the network connection, I signed out of PSN. That seemed to let me finally get past the usual crash spot and play some songs.

    I just wanted to speak up to let the devs know this isn't actually a console issue and it's more widespread than that. So glad I stumbled upon this thread!
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    Same error after latest PS4 system update. It crashes right after it signs in to the UBISOFT servers. EVERY. DAMN. TIME.
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    Ok I can say that after trying the temporary fix of removing the internet off my system that Rock smith booted right up and without an issue and I played till 6am roughly about 9 hours straight.

    I had contacted Ubisoft about the issue and one thing they suggested was to go into my system under safe mode and basically do a Defrag of the system, well I tried to do that but after following the directions to get into it I couldn’t get past connecting my wired dual shock controller and pressing the (PS) button. So I have spent about half the day trying to get into it and finally tried to get in contact with PlayStation. Well that’s a no go there, if you call them you get a message telling you that the phones are closed, and if you try to do a live chat, forget that too, you get a system bot and no live chat. So right now I don’t know what to do, and I cant find any forums where I can find any answers or suggestions.
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    After being unable to get past the start screen close to 10 times because of this error, I can confirm that torquejunkie's method in Post #23 of disconnecting the PS4 from the PlayStation Network (NOT from the Internet altogether! Go to PS4 Settings --> Account Management --> Sign Out) has not only successfully gotten me past the starting screen error code, but also still allows all of my purchased DLC to download so that my full library of songs is playable. It's looking like this constant crashing is the result of negatively impacted performance from the PSN and/or Ubisoft servers.
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    PS4 Rocksmith 2014 remastered doesn't work

    now i have had this game for many years and have some problems with it but this is just crap. I have downloaded rocksmith so many times with and without dlc. I have restored my licenses and initialized my ps4 and lost all my data just to get rocksmith to work. and everytime i load up rocksmith i get to the connecting to ubisoft and then the auto save only to crash everytime. i dont know what is wrong i have checked my ps4 to see if other games work and they do just fine. what i want to know is was there an update that really messed up rocksmith to be unplayable cause i have 150 songs i have spent money for over time and i would hate to lose all that investment in this game. if anyone on ps4 is having the same issue please let me know cause right now im really mad at the fact i have done everything i can look up to fix this and nothing has worked.
    please help and thank you
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    Hey Magic, getting the same here too. I was very confused and frustrated as well (over 300 songs downloaded...) I just saw another thread saying they are aware of the issue and are working on it. Right now, what works for me is disconnecting my PS4 from the internet (ethernet cable or shut off the wifi in the system settings). Yes, you will be offline, but if that doesn't bother you Rocksmith will boot up. Then, when you are done, just reconnect the system to the internet. All of your dlc songs will be there too if you download, or in this case re-download the songs from the PS Store. Boot the game up while the system is offline and your songs will enumerate like always. Hope this helps.
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    Same here. Had the game since release, 80+ songs downloaded. Deleted and reinstalled and same issue keeps happening.
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    Same here

    I was just playing as recently as last week and no problems. For some reason the last 3 days, everytime I open Rocksmith on PS4, it freezes at the Loading saved data screen and errors. Both PS4 AND PS3 are doing this. PS4 is digital, PS3 is disc.

    I'm going to try your work around taking it offline then trying to open it. I can make that work for a while until Ubisoft resolves the issue.

    My question is: do we have a link showing and explaining from Ubisoft that they are aware of the issue and are working on this as of Oct20,2020? Send me some links if you don't mind I'd like to read up. Of it here aren't any, how can we contact them?

    Thanks! Rock on!
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