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    I emailed support with the correct email, so what should I do?
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    Thank you so much for doing that, Consumings!! For now, you will need to wait for the team's response. As soon as they have reviewed everything and have some new information, or if they need additional information from you, they will be sure to let you know.
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    Thank you so much, for the support. I appreciate the help.
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    Yet again, I still have not received my gems. I emailed support with my corresponding email over 4 days ago, and still no response. I have patiently been waiting for almost a month now. If you have any news of when I will be getting my gems, I would love to hear it. Other wise, I’m kinda getting impatient and the holidays are rolling around the corner. Please, help me out. I really want my gems that I payed for. Regards, Consumings
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    FAR CRY 5 - SeasonPass

    Good day,

    I bought FAR CRY 5 at UPLAY SeasonPass. Payment was fine. Also included was FAR CRY 3, which was immediately displayed in my library after payment. SeasonPass does not work for FAR CRY 5. In the menu, when I select one of the data disks, STEAM opens with an offer to buy. Please verify.

    Thank you.

    Jakub Hochman
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    Hi, I bought the road to glory pack and I didnt receive anything

    I bought the glory feb17 2021 and didnt received my payment is done. I contact support , tweet , dm instagram and never get answer. Id transaction : GPA.3316-7472-3684-31628.i lost my money cuz buying for nothing
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    Hello! I hope everyone is having a good week, and I would like to start by apologizing for my late reply in getting back to this thread! If you have not received your in-game content for Growtopia, please contact Growtopia Support. I am sorry for any delay in contact that you may experience, but thank you for your patience during these times.

    jakub.hochman: If you are still unable to access your Far Cry 5 Season Pass, it sounds like you may have the base game from Steam. If that is the case, the Season Pass would also need to be from Steam in order to access the content in-game. I sincerely apologize for any trouble that this may have caused. If you need further assistance regarding this, please create a support ticket.
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