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    Bad glitch day today

    So today I was obliged to abandon 3 out of 4 LZ activities due to glitches.

    Running 5 directives and doing some LZ activities to try to boost The Watch levels, in three of the activities enemy forces remained hidden behind structures where I could not see or find them. In circumstances like this, it is usually possible to discover them and apply the oxidiser which in about 50% of cases can melt them away. But when running the directive which hides the enemy location and direction this is impossible, there is no indication where they are.

    Oh and I also encountered some hidden walls which has not been an issue lately. Anyone else finding this today?
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    happened to me yesterday doing legendary district just before the final boss room..one enemy glitched into the slab and there was no way of killing him.1 hour wasted!
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    Me and my mate have also experienced some strange going ons with the game today, especially around NPC'S doing some watch leaving up with 2 directives and heroic, and these NPC were built like steel including the red ones, we hardly did any damage to them yet all of them were doing one shot kills, open world and missions

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