Hello Dear Ubi-Bunny, thank you and all the valuable Ubisoft Mobile team for trying to solve all these problems and for keeping us informed about everything.

I want to tell you about my freezing problem in my own game
I recorded a video of the problem I was freezing in the game
The first of 2 video games, my game froze in the middle of the Mission and did not react to anything, I had to reset to solve it, the second problem was my game frozen on the login screen (My computer is 8 GB RAM)
While my game has version 2.8.2, I have never had such freezing problems
I started to encounter these issues after installing 2.9.0 new patch
The game suddenly freezes and the game's music continues to run in the background, but nothing moves on the game screen, no commands react, and I have to reset the game to solve this problem

I strongly believe that all of these problems will be solved with the new patch.
I just wanted to report this bug to you

Thank you so much

Best Regards

Here are the videos I recorded for the problem of freezing in the game