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    I inherited this clan when the prior leader left. I guess I was the most active player, one of few, so I got promoted. That was about 9 months ago. Back then there wasn't many playing, I was usually playing solo. Now I can't get any solo play. We had 17 players on last night. We barely had 17 members 9 months ago. I've been fortunate to cross paths with many good people that have become clan members. We have a diverse group but one commonality is the enjoyment of the game.

    The clan has evolved from a haven for solo players that just want to play and don't want the restrictions of some clans to now being a group that plays together and is tackling the harder parts of the game. We have players that regularly visit the dark zone, do the legendary missions and we are ramping up on the dark hours raid. This is all done as a clan, no randoms and no outside help. We figure it out and do it together.

    The main problem I have now is how to make room for new players. I use to look back 90 days, then 60 days, then 30 days for player inactivity. Now I'm down to looking back 2 weeks. I hope it doesn't get to where I have to cut people who are currently playing but just not playing as much as others, but it may get there. I also have been taking anyone who wants to join. I don't want to have a minimum SHD level or some other measurement of if someone can join but it might get there also. Popularity creates it's own problems.

    There is still some room. If you enjoy the game and want to team up with others that feel the same, then this is a good place. You'll get to do everything in the game with many like minded people.
    What a great problem to have! No room because your clan members are active! That is great! In my previous clan where I was a Lieutenant, I had no trouble making room on a regular basis as there were only four or five of us that played regularly. Congtats, DadKev, sounds like you are doing things right.
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    We completed our first Dark Hours raid this past Saturday. It was completed all by clan members with 7 of 8 getting their first clear. It has been a progression of learning the mechanics, the needed builds, running discovery mode for training and now finally getting it done in normal mode.

    We will be continuing weekly runs of the raid to get other clan members through it.

    There is room for more if you want to be part of it.
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    Things have been slow lately. Many players in our clan are playing other games, Outriders in particular. I've been trying to focus us on the raids over the last few months for something new to most of us. We have got through Dark Hours and are starting to look at Iron Horse. This weekend we have an Iron Horse discovery mode run scheduled. Hopefully we will ramp up on that and there will be a bit more interest. So far though, Dark Hours didn't do it. Many get through it once and it's 'been there, done that'. No interest anymore. It's a sad state of affairs with the current state of the game.
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