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    We are up to about 40 members now. Our members like the inclusiveness and freedom this clan provides. You can play how you want, not how you are told to by your clan leader. If you have a group of friends that play together, you can all join this clan and continue to play together. Nothing changes except you'll get clan benefits on your terms. We have got the gold clan chest two weeks in row now. That is a first. Just a few more regular players would ensure that happens every week for all of us.
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    If you haven't joined a clan because you don't want to feel obligated to play with others or guilty that you don't, then this is the clan for you. If you don't want to be told what to play, when to play, how long to play, what to play with, etc., then this is the clan for you. You can join and keep playing as you are if that's what you want. You'll just get a gold chest every week and have the opportunity to play with others in the clan when you want. All are welcome.
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    While other clans are dying, we are growing. That's because we don't just look for the 1000 plus SHD level players and only do raids and legendary content. We are not elitists. If you're a level 30, if you don't have Warlords, if you are shy, young, old, male, female, non-English speaker, it doesn't matter, all are welcome. I just ask that you enjoy playing and have fun. No guilt, no obligation, play solo or join with others as you wish. There are those here that can help you if you want or you may be able to help us, you never know.
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    I had an experience that validates why I run this clan the way I do. Three of us joined with a random last night for some summit runs. We invited the random to our party. He asked us why we are running summit. We run it for the targeted loot. That seemed wrong to him, why weren't we running it for the Ridgeway exotic parts? The Ridgeway build is the meta and everyone should be trying to get it. He also proceeded to tell us that TU12 is going to invalidate at least the Hard Wire gear set if not all current skill builds, implying you would be stupid to keep using what you are using. He also told us that we should run a healer, a tank and 2 DPS guys if we want to beat summit and beat it on legendary. And that it will take running all 100 floors of summit on all difficulty levels to get it. 500 levels. And how he took 4 1/2 hours to do all 100 floors on normal. And he seemed to expect that we should stop playing as we are, all nod and get right to doing all this ourselves.

    Maybe some or all his points are true and that's fine. But I object to being looked at as somehow inferior if you don't play accordingly. The point of playing a game is to enjoy it and have fun. I get the feeling that these types of players are not playing because they enjoy it. They play to reach some elitist status where they can look down on others. They act like the authority on how you have to play, because after all, they are great and you should do what they do. They seem to need the ego stroking from being good at a video game probably because it's hard to get any life affirmations otherwise from your parents basement.

    This is not me and not our clan. The purpose is to have fun and enjoy. Members have their favorite builds. One has a status build, another a seeker mine build, another a shield build. Part of the enjoyment is using those. Mine is a drone/turret build. The four of us will play with these builds. If we get beat, we had fun doing it. Our seeker mine guy will continue to use Hard Wire because he likes it. If he decides that something else is better, that's his decision. I would not dictate and not allow anyone in this clan to dictate how someone else plays or what they play with. You are accepted with what you bring. If you agree, you're welcome here. If not, find another place.
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    Completely agree with everything in your post DadKev and I feel exactly the same about my clan. The question gets asked "what do you want to do" my answer is always "shoot Sh1t"

    Went in the dark zone at the weekend and its just Ridgeway everywhere and it seems its all anyone uses. I am myself farming for the ridgeway but for a PvE build as i don't enjoy being killed by the same players over and over as they have all the time in the world to farm for the absolute best gear. I have work and family commitments so can only play in the evenings. I enjoy doing all the stuff on Challenging or Heroic just to feel a little OP

    All the best
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    Best to you also, keep up the enjoyment.
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    Hey DadKev - I sent you a visitor message, not entirely sure what that means! I was just asking if you had space in your Clan and if you're still active etc? I'm not playing as much at the moment due to irl stuff but I still want to log on and run content when possible. I am still quite new to game so haven't lost enthusiasm or burn out or anything like that. Cheers!
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    I don't know what a visitor message is either. I haven't seen any messages here.

    Yes, we have room. It hasn't got to the point where there are 50 active members, I don't know if that will ever happen but it might be a good problem. We have about 25 that have played in the past month, 10 or so that play once or more a week and 5 or so the play every day. There's always someone playing, I've haven't seen less than 2 and I've seen as many as 12 on at one time. We are consistently getting the gold clan chest each week, this week we got it as of Saturday night.

    We have members of all kinds, beginners to experienced. You can play as you want, solo, or join up with others. There's no obligation or pressure to play any certain way. The core group of us can help you if you want with either play or builds. I can't say we the most knowledgeable but we will help you with what you like to do, not tell you what you should do.

    You can either search for ESH, Third Eschelon, in game or message DadKev on xbox.
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    Hey, that sounds great. Thanks! I just want to run some Summit / Legendaries etc each week. That's all I'm after really! I'll look you up in game, thanks.
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    I think we only have one guy that has run any legendaries. He and I at least would be up for trying it. Some build work/adjustments would probably be needed. Heroic isn't much of a problem. We have been running summit regularly mostly for the targeted loot.

    I would have to say this clan isn't so much oriented at end game tasks. It's more just playing what you want with what build you want. Most just enjoy playing and it isn't fun for many when things gets too hard or too prescriptive. No one plays pvp that I know of. A number of us tried discovery mode of the raid and I don't think anyone enjoyed it. No one cares about Ridgeway's pride. Other clans are all about these things. You'll just have to see, if you decide it isn't for you, no problem.
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