Hello all, I've looked through copious amounts of threads on this trying to find some answer but in cases as specific as this it seems its never resolved or its resolved arbitrarily. I have completed every area in the game (70% through story progression, 100% Regions Discovered, 100% High Points Synced, Checkmark on every possible location) but am unable to get the hermie's homie achievement to pop on PC.

Yesterday I checked and had 99% then stepped on a small island but when I checked before launching today I had already reached 100% then. I searched and stepped more but am unable to get the achievement to pop. I have verified my files on steam already.

I saw in another thread that ubisoft support was asking for the save file so if they see this I'd love to try that.

Here's a screenshot of what my UPlay looks like: https://gyazo.com/32992208751ff0aba9c274316181b5f7

Edit: I ended up getting the achievement. It was a very tricky island called Lestris. I must have overlooked it a dozen times because the Wailing Cavern I had completed was practically on top of the island but is actually an underwater cave just barely off the shore. I also got the the quest furthering the Xenia storyline.

However, its worth noting that by this point Uplay was already registering both main Story Progression and Regions Discovered as 100% complete.When looking through older forum posts people often refer to percentage in decimals so I'm guessing at some point Ubisoft switched over to whole integer representation of progression and 99.5X always rounds up to 100%. I would triage that as a medium bug that could be easily fixed to alleviate player difficulties like this scenario.