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    Cannot become tier 1 mercenary

    The tier 1 rank is a cultist member, i already killed him because he hunt me for bounties. for the first time i dont know if he is a cultist member until "confirm cultist kill" appear after i defeating him.

    now the tier 1 rank is replaced by someone and it is "locked", i cannot find that mercenary because i got no clue from killing tier 2 mercenary, and i also never found him roaming in the world.
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    Hey Grand_310,

    This issue has been forwarded up to the development team and is being investigated.

    Apologies for any inconvenience.

    Thank you.
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    Are you sure that isn't an Arena symbol instead of a blocked symbol ......

    There is one Merc you have to fight in the Arena and if you don';t then eventually he is the number one and you have to go to the Arena and fight him .......

    Here is a little tip that might not work much longer ..... Right now the Arena doesn't scale past 50 so if you go in there at level 54 or 55 you are going to annihilate everyone and you start becoming the hit sponge that takes 20 hits or more to take down ..... If you have Hunter skills you'll be one shotting everyone with normal charged shots and one shotting the Merc with a Devastating Shot .....

    Remember those guys that were 3 or 4 levels above you that thought you might try anyway and they annihilated you in no short order .... well now you get to be that guy ,,,
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    You might have to kill mercs until you get the clue revealing the #1 merc, or you can get lucky and find him/her roaming the world. As far as I'm aware, the 'locked' part refers to the tier bonus, not the availability of the merc in that tier. Also note you have to be tier 2 with only the tier 1 merc ranked above you; if you're below that, killing the tier 1 merc does not make you tier 1.
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    Thank you for the reply.

    i just play and accidentally find and kill the tier 1 mercenary again, and now it is replaced my another unknown mercenary.

    someone in steam forum say he managed to become tier 1 mercenary after the tier 1 mercenary challenge him in the arena. but idk if this working or not because the tier 1 never challenge me in the arena.

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    You become tier 1 when you kill all the 'Hand crafted' mercenaries. The hand carfted mercenaries are the one which require you to confirm the kill. So if you played the game very safely and didnt kill many mercenaries, chances are you missed some of the hand crafted mercenaries.

    I would suggest getting a high bounty and go on a mercenary hunting spree. You will eventually kill all the hand crafted mercs and become tier 1.
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    Update: confirmed! i just found tier 1 mercenary challenge me in the arena, and after defeating her i become tier 1 mercenary.

    this is the only way you can become tier 1 mercenary now.
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    Thanks for the update!
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    Originally Posted by Grand_310 Go to original post
    Update: confirmed! i just found tier 1 mercenary challenge me in the arena, and after defeating her i become tier 1 mercenary.

    this is the only way you can become tier 1 mercenary now.
    My number one was in the Arena still and I was going to level up to 54 or 55 and then after finishing a side quest I noticed the Merc symbol going across the top of the HUD so I brought the map to identify the Merc and there was #1 out of the arena and now the same level as me .... So I ran to the crossroads and took her out with a single Devastating Shot to the back of the head as she was riding away about 40 meters out .... Then I shot her beast and confirmed the kill .... However I should add that I was using a special build specifically for Medusa and I was out testing it out on side missions and just got lucky .....

    So number one turned out to be the easiest merc of all for me ..... Run 30 meters and shoot a target 40 meters away, it doesn't get much easier than that
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    I would appreciate an update on this?

    I am a mercenary level 3. Level 2 and 1 both say "locked" in red.

    I have defeated several level 2 mercenaries as well as 2 level 1 mercenaries. The first level 1 mercenary was a cultist and was roaming around and I confirmed the kill. the second level 1 mercenary I killed was in the arena.

    I am still at the top of level 3. The level 2 and 1 mercenaries just keep getting replaced. the rank continues to read "locked" in red.

    Is this a bug? or is there a quest or progress objective i need to meet first????

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