Shotguns- MMRs and pistols.

This weapon archetypes are too strong right now, even without investing on the proper weapon archetype dmg. Here is a video using de double barrel and the white death sniper.
My build is just anything on, I just switched the chest to put some blue, but I'm missing ton of crit chance and crit dmg. Even then I can almost two tap a 2 mill armor and hit 1,2 mill to the body with the white death.

Same happens with pistols, mostly revolvers and d50 (liberty) Even with full blue builds, it needs 3 taps to kill a 1,3 mill armor.

I believe the main problem is the way CHC is so easy obtainable in the game in general, and the fact that dedicated weapon dmg is calculated the same as all weapon dmg.
I don't think we are going to see changes on the amount of CHC and CHD we are getting, cause it'd cause problems with pve too.

So I think these gun archetypes should get a good nerf, Mostly bolt action snipers, including Nemesis. Shotguns in general and low rpm high dmg pistols.

As a side note, I do believe there should be a way to build a one shot sniper, but it should be to the head, and putting all into that, including almost capped headshot dmg, using quite some talents too.


Same as the merciless I believe it should have a dmg modifier for pvp for the ticks and also a reduction time, that way it could be in line with the new Negotiators dilema, which is the other out of sight cheap dmg.
Also, It shouldn't go through the Ballistic shield.

Bullwark Balance:

We were able to test this set without the bug it has last week, and It's nice to have a tank set. However there are some mechanichs that concerns me.

1- The armor dmg regeneration is doubled when you dmg the shield and the player. I'm not quite sure if this is intentional, but it's actually beneficial to recieve some dmg to the shield and then turn and recieve dmg to you armor. That way your armor and shield will stack the repair and repair faster. Here is an example video.

This is very usefull when tank shield players, but it can be very cheesed in many pvp scenarios.
With the current recal system, you can use the set to use it as a dps player, no fully optimized dps, but one that can get a lot of sustain. and even use it without any shield.

I think the set should state that the amount of armor you get back is a percentage based on the dmg you take but according to your SHIELD HEALTH, not shield skill tier, but HEALTH.
Let's say the base dmg regen is lowered to 10% if your shield health is the lowest, and can go up to 60, with the backpack if you have a shield that has +13 mill health.

This change would compensate also the regen you can get out of using other shields like the crusader or (if any uses them on pvp) the reflector shield.

I don't know if this is technically possible, but I believe this would serve the set purpose much better, and avoid self sustain dps crusader shield uses.

As a side note, VIGILANCE, should also work like that 5 seconds of invulneravility is way too much with the current ttk in pvp if you don't spec into shield tiers. You should get 1,5 seconds base, up to 6 is you spec in all your shield tiers.

Stinger Hive

I think the main issue with this is that's 100% accurate. And once you step even a little into the area and exit, the drones will allways follow and hit, no matter what you do.
If the idea is to keep the dmg and use it as area denial, then it should either have a Line of sight rule, and not go through everything, and also add a way to reduce the dmg or make the drones miss when you are out of the area.

Posible solutions:

Maybe a roll to reduce 50% of dmg.

put an extra 1-2 mts out of the hive radius for the stinger drones to hit and beyond that Drones just die or loose dmg.

Well that's all for now.
I hope this can help, and to end also...
Put a pvp modifier to the firestarter chemlauncher explosion already.