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    Give old GhostRecon fans some love too :(

    Please consider putting all the older GhostRecon games on the store and maybe update them so they work on today's computers.Not asking for a remaster, just bug fixes so the games work on windows 10 and controls work properly. I'm not a fan of the newer GhostRecon and RainbowSix games. I just want to replay all the older TomClancy games but its a pain sometimes.

    Please add to the store

    GhostRecon - Desert Siege
    GhotRecon - Island Thunder
    GhostRecon 2 (Probably impossible but doesn't hurt to ask.)
    Advanced Warfighter 1 & 2 PC version
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    I just want Advanced Warfighter 1 & 2 PC version. Does not need to be a remaster, just sell it again.
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    I want to buy and play the Grin versions of GRAW and GRAW2. I don't even think they would need to do any work on them; just make the price low enough and don't add DRM, and a modder will figure out how to make them work. I'm considering pirating them, at this point. If I had bought the PC versions, I probably would have done it by now. However, it doesn't feel right to take the PC versions when I bought the Xbox versions, especially because they're different games. If they're not going to sell me the game, what else can I do? It would be a different story if the new games were similar to the older ones.
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    They should do something, I've got both GRAW's and can't install or run either of them on Win 10. I've tried the multiple "fixes" for it online but still can't get either to go. I played 2 with my kid way early on in co-op mope and after getting back into the series with Wildlands and BreakPoint, I'd love go back and play through these again.
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    Here to also request more games. Recently purchased all the older titles available on the store. Please release the other games, I'd love to buy them.
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