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    Thank you!

    I am not sure if anyone reads these anymore - certainly no developers, but I felt compelled to post a quick "thank you" note.

    I do play and like Assassin's Creed games - but the last one I've played was AC II. I bought IV, but couldn't play it, due to low system specs (I know ).
    So, I picked up AC:Origins on the Playstation and... I've enjoyed it more than any game in the last months, if not years.

    The world is amazing. The meditative solitude of the desert, the bustle of the oases and towns. The backdrop of Egypt in full color, the Mediterranean sun's light captured just right. Bayek is a likeable and human protagonist, who manages to transcend the - unavoidably - cliché story and make it special. "Uncle Bayek" shines when he interacts with children, who can never substitute Khemu, but fill a small void in his heart. I will remember the Great Flea quest, the small white pebbles picked up at the stone circles and Khemu's heart-wrenching question, "papo, will I have many children"?

    Amazing. So, thank you!
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    Hello Sh5bindo,

    Welcome to the forums! Yes we still do read these! Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. I am very happy to hear that you have enjoyed your adventure in Ancient Egypt. The world in the game is really incredible and beautiful, I loved just venturing the desert and exploring. We appreciate hearing your thoughts, and happy gaming!
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