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    Epic Games and Uplay linking (Please Help, It's Urgent)

    First of all I bought The Base Game and The Season Pass separately from Epic Games and automatically linked with Uplay.

    I see The Base Game in Uplay but Season Pass doesn't showing in the "Owned DLC" section. Is it going to show up when I downloaded the game from Epic Games Launcher?

    By the way I bought Assassin's Creed Origins Gold Edition and it appeared in Uplay with Season Pass.

    Can I download/play the game with season pass from Uplay? Do I have to download the game from Epic Games Launcher just one time?
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    Hey mcBleidd,

    I am sorry to hear you are having issues with Origins.

    I can see you appear to have the game active on your account, and it is the gold edition.

    Are you not able to download the DLC when you launch into the game?
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    No, you misunderstood sir. My problem is with Odyssey not Origins. I bought Odyssey's base game and season pass separately. I mean,

    I bought from Epic Games Launcher both of them(Odyssey and season pass)

    I'm asking that "Do I have to download Odyssey from Epic Games Launcher" if I want to play with season pass.
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    have the same issue please answer

    I have experienced the same issue as stated above please answer how can we resolve this problem
    Gold edition bought on epic games
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