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    Coach looking for t3-4 team. Eu/pc (for free)

    Uplay: Kozel. (with an i)
    Discord: Kozel.#8971 (with an L)

    language: English

    Experience: Old owner of a PS4 team/comp player. Around 3000+ hours of game time across both ps4 and PC. Been playing since operation health with hitting diamond/plat 1 each season on PS4. This was my first full season on PC hitting plat solo (around 500 games)

    What I can offer for your team:
    I am a freindly and dedicated person willing to help your team become the best you can be.
    Plan a weekly rota for practice and scrim sessions that will be best sorted for you.
    Look at your playstyle as a team and individuals and work on how to improve that.
    This will be for free and out of my time
    I will put the effort in if you follow and do the same!
    What you can offer for me:
    Turn up on time to each session
    Always put in your best effort (everyone on the team)
    No toxic or racist teams will be accepted
    Be a mature team
    If you would like to discuss further add me on either Uplay or discord
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    Bro my team would love for you to come and help us out we are a small team were mainly gold been close to plat.
    were looking to go to esl and stuff in future once old enough currently 16
    My discord is Toddy#2322
    My uplay is Toddy.T5
    were eu
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    also your discord wont let me add you
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    Im kinda new at this game and Im looking to improve and have fun on the way. Im only level 38 though. I speak English and Im pretty sure Im not toxic.
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    Hello i am interested in the post we have a team of 5 people who are gold and plat we would like to have a coach to show us strats and help us get better we are previously from console which some of us played since health.
    my discord is: vitz #5497
    and my uplay is: vitzeel
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