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    bronze and copper rank, for ranked not casual, hoping to git gud with a group

    im not looking for a carry! im not looking for a booster!
    im looking for people in the same situation as me that want to get better with someone there own rank
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    i will play

    i am a bronze 4 and want to get better but i am only 12 so you might not want to play bc im expecting your older but yea i will play
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    add me

    just add me and i will play and message me off of uplay
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    Hey can i join your team pls.
    I am rank Bronza 5
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    Need team for ranked pls
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    add me bro
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    hey bruv i understand you even i want to get better and looking for some players to play with lets try out together

    discord Akki5161#5686
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    Im not ranked but I really want a team

    I will play my best tho and communicate
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    can i join ?

    HI im looking for copper or bronze team
    I need team copper or bronze, Im looking to rankup and play better, I was silver but i was playing with randoms they trolled me and trolled the game thats why im In copper/bronze.
    Something about me:

    im 14 yr old guy
    from czech republic
    lvl 159 (too mutch casual)
    kd 0.8
    and i can play every op and every team role. But i prefer to play attackers entry frager: ash, zofia, sledge
    and on defence my favorite ops is: smoke vigil,ela
    i know mapknowledge, callouts bandit tricking and other useful things
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