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    Cant reach my account

    i am playing game on ipad. i updated the game and i cant login my account. i didnt use facebook. so i play with device memory but now i cant reach my account. game begins at beginning. my account 27 lvl and name is ushenyyy. pls help me. thx

    ps:sorry for my bad english
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    me too.crazy now.

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    any solution?

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    Did you send a ticket ingame? They usually answer faster than in forums.

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    yes i did. they said "i can login with facebook" :/

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    Hey everyone! Currently, the only way to authenticate your account is with Facebook. If you have lost your game save and your game was not linked with Facebook, please contact our support team through the game (Tap More > Options > Support > Customer Support) and provide them with proof of purchase from your old account, your old Brotherhood name, the last time you logged in to your old account, the approximate date you created the account, the device and model you are playing your game on, and any other information that will help verify your ownership of your lost account. We hope to have other ways to authenticate your account in the future but in the meantime, I recommend linking your game with Facebook if you can. Hope that helps!
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    Unfortunately, if your game was never linked to Facebook, this would mean that it was never backed up, and that we are unable to restore it. We apologize for any inconvenience engendered by this, and can only hope for your kind understanding.

    i play this game about 2 months. ubisoft made an update. i used this update. and update delete my progress. congratulations

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    Hello, usheny
    I am very sorry for you, I hope your problem will be solved as soon as possible
    Be sure to use Facebook
    You can open a Facebook account for the game
    Because currently Facebook is the only information backup platform that stores all your data
    In another forum, I saw the issues opened by many people whose 1-year labor and long efforts were deleted because they did not use Facebook, this is a very bad situation
    Facebook is the only way to protect your data right now
    I think that in the future, alternative game information storage and backup options will be added with programs such as Ubisoft Club.

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    There is an option to access files if you jailbreak iOS/root Android, but you will void your warranty and could brick your device (delete the OS) and you will truly lose everything.
    Do your homework before you attempt this!
    I'm simply offering an alternative: I do not condone or recommend this at all. Especially over a 2 month old account.

    You can catch back up in less than 2 months with what you've learned so far...