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    Some more PVP balance feedback. Restorer Hive, Shotguns.

    Hey, people.
    I got two clips for you. The core issue for me is that TTK needs to be higher than in current PTS.
    There are some guns archetipes that I believe are too strong yet, some due to that, and some cause some of the sets and guns outliers.

    Snipers are strong in pvp, svd with aces and eights, but many snipers, even bolt action can oneshot without even investing fully into sniper or headshot dmg.
    I do believe a oneshot build would be good in the game, but it should invest not only all into sniper and headshot but also proc many talents to be able to headshot a 2 mill armor. Maybe just Nemesis should be able to do that. With that particular build.

    Now to the videos, Healer hive drone speed varies too much when prox to the hive than far from it. Making the big radius a joke, since the slow drone, makes the heal loose effect. Both burst and sustain heal loose effect. An idea is make the speed of those drones accelerate with range,The longer distance, the fastest, now the difference between one and the other is almost 2 seconds, and that makes the heal almost meaningless in pvp due to TTK.

    a Super90 shotgun, 20 mts distance, killing a bullwark (bugged). I'm wearing a full red, with spotter (not active) and vigilance. My friend is wearing both the backpack and the chest for the Bullwark, and has 2mill armor.

    Other shotguns don't do the same dmg to the bullwark (bugged) due to the slow rpm or the low base dmg like the ACS.

    However we also tried the dmg on a non bullwark, and I believe shotguns are too strong in general, however super 90, 870 and sweetdreams are really strong.
    A guy from our clan made a double barrel build with 1,3 armor and unbreakable, full crit, with the coyote mask and could almost two tap a similar armor build.
    This is not as broken as the previous shotgun meta, cause he don't got as many armor nor the full Hazard protection, but, it's not a good idea to boost the SG dmg. IMO.

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    Definitely agree on this. The slow speeds of the Hive stims are just one of the many examples of clunkiness compared to Division 1 and why so many want the support station back.
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    I dont know guys, looks fast enough for me.
    Do we want insta heal by skills in pvp ?
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    Originally Posted by Mr.Atlass Go to original post
    I dont know guys, looks fast enough for me.
    Do we want insta heal by skills in pvp ?
    I personally just want it to heal at the same rate regardless of your position in the circle itself and behave more like the support station. Of course the amount healed would have to be balanced afterwards if this were changed. It's about consistency. Also would like the LOS requirement to be removed as it gets bugged and stuck on invisible objects far too often.
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