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    Midnight circuit suprise suprise is bugged.

    After posting initial time, unable to race again as leaderboards are empty. Kinda normal that your first run bugs the board, but returning after a minute or two usually fixes it. This time it's been over 24hours.
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    Same here - whats going on - I will miss the entire Surprise Surprise Midnight circuit this time!
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    Same Result

    The same thing happened to me and I can't even reset Midnight Circuit. It continues to blink red. I was irritated by not being able to compete, now I'm irritated by not being able to collect my non-existent prize and make the thing stop blinking. Anyone heard anything helpful?
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    same here..
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    Same here, been locked for more than a week, I only got to race the circuit one time. I made a support ticket on this as well.
    Is it why the track is called surprice surprice? 😂😂
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    Same here...and it's frustrating! Does anyone know if a fix is coming?
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    Hello everyone,

    The devs have been made aware of issues with the Midnight Circuit, and currently have these issues under investigation.

    While their investigation is ongoing, they recommend these troubleshooting steps:

    - Android Device / App Troubleshooting

    - Fixing Connectivity Issues on Android Devices

    - Installing the game on your device's internal memory, closing all background applications while playing, and connecting via WiFi rather than using 4G or a mobile hotspot.

    Should issues persist, they would then like the following information to be provided in a support case to allow them to continue to investigate, and hopefully identify the cause and rectify it:

    - Screenshot of the error message if you have any

    - Device model & OS installed

    - Screenshot of your Player ID

    Thank you for your cooperation and assistance in helping to investigate these reported issues.

    flexfocus - What is your case reference number, please?
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    I created a new ticket with screenshots: 12219547
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