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    2 Invincible objects on the 1st discovery tour


    While I'm on the first play through of discovery tour, i found 2 places (discovery site location) that seems to have invincible item, both are in:

    1. The invasion of Attika, my character could literally climb and stand on the invincible object, picture attached


    2. Priesthood, again i could climb and stand on the invincible object


    is this due to my graphic processor or a graphical glitch from the game?

    Hope this will be corrected for the next patch, it really hampers the learning experience from this otherwise great feature for me as a historical buff guy

    thank you
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    Hey cupubramdjay - welcome to the Ubisoft Forums!

    Thanks for reporting these two issues to us. Issues with invisible collisions are known to the development team, and they're investigating currently.

    We'll post on these forums and our social media channels if there are any updates.
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