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    5 Stack/ Small esports team recruitment

    Hello, my names Synergi, but you guys can call me Jake,

    I play r6 in a ranked 5 stack and we do small tournaments on sundays

    If you guys are interested in joining our team, please respond to this with:
    Discord W TAGS
    Uplay ID
    Ops you like
    Goal for ranked next season.

    Can't wait to play!
    Good Luck
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    Discord:IlllllIIIll#8224(copy this)
    Rank Silver 2 nearly 1 but can play in plat and gold lobbies
    Role:Can Play Any Role You Assign Me To
    Ops I Like: Attack,Ash,Fuze,Thermite,Zofia I can play any one on attack and defence
    Goal For Ranked Next Season: Would Like To Hit Plat And Eventualy Play In PL,Benelux League

    Hopefully I Can Join Cant Wait
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    Sorry Changed my name can you plz respond my discord is Yuzzi#8224
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    My name on discord is PHONY.-.#5220 on discord
    Silver 1
    i have played in an with plats before and beat some diamonds with proof
    I am a flex style player on attack and roamer on defense
    My mains are oryx/jager and attack my best played are sledge and zofia
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    Discord: Purple_BuCkeT#6563

    Uplay:Purple.PLAT (dosnt have to do with rank was from old team)

    Rank: I solo queued to copper and got up to silver 3

    Kd: 1.02

    I play flex entry frag and roam

    Can never go wrong with Zofia Hibana, sledge, or ash. On deffense Ill use mozzie bandt jager.

    Next season I would like to go high gold and maybe low plat.
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    Discord W TAGS: MrTac #0017
    Uplay ID: Elusive.Tac
    Rank: Gold 1 hit plat this season
    KD: 1.08
    Role: Flex
    Ops you like: Buck, Mozzie
    Goal for ranked next season: Hit plat 2 and play comp and Go4s weekly
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    Gold II
    I prefer Flex or Support, but am willing to play any role assigned
    Ops: ATK Thermite, Tatcher, Zofia Def:Smoke, MIra, Maestro
    Next reanked season, I will make it it high plat and even diamond.
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    We shld q together next season

    S2 NA (smurf) G2 EU (don't really play much on eu)
    1.1 (1.4 Na, 1 EU)
    Maverick, Thatch, Hibana, Smoke, Mute, Valk, Jager, Doc
    High plat/diamond in steel wave
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