So I finished Origins recently, what an amazing game. I loved it so much that after I was done with the story I went for the platinum.

But when I was checking which trophies I missed I noticed that 2 of them had glitched and just didn't pop-up. "The crocodile" and "For Those About to Die..." simply weren't there even though I had finished the story and done every event in both Arenas.

I didn't mind it too much because I could rush through the story on a second playtrough and get them back so I decided to keep on with my trophy hunt, but this issue reappear with the "Stargazing" trophy. I did the 12 stars aligning, got the ISU armor but no sight of the trophy popping up. I'm afraid that I won't be able to get the "Old habits" trophy without this one. Now I would say that maybe I missed something on my journey if it weren't for the story related trophy that bugged and frankly I'm not too keen on doing my 80+ hours of gameplay all over again just because these trophies are glitched

Please, anyone could help me with this issue?