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    PvP balance tests feedback. TTK, outliers, heals

    Aside from what has been already mentioned on other threads like the Firestarter Chemlauncher explosion, efficient with the Firewall or survivalist kit, Bullwark set. I'd like to add some few things we have been testing out with the clan.

    New Headhunter talent + Nemesis or other bolt action snipers.
    Without a dedicated sniper build, whenever I shoot and kill any npc for about 7 millons on the head, Then I could one tap bodyshot a player with an m44. But even get 2 millon headshot with an svd. Or get a one shot kill to the head with a pistol.
    This needs to be addressed, in the dz either by making it imposible to switch weapons and still get the buff or lowering the cap for the extra dmg.

    Snipers are already too strong, not only to the head, but also to the body. I could downed a full bullwark chest and backpack 2 millon armor, with my svd with aces and eights.
    I believe it's ok to have a oneshot sniper build in the game. But that should be only to the head and putting all into headshot dmg, and maybe just with Nemesis, but not sure.
    So I don't think snippers need a buff in pvp, but on the contrary, a slight nerf.

    TTK is still a bit too fast. I'll separate this in subjects that affects this ttk

    This is a matter of opinion of course. Heals, and I mean even dedicated heals are still too slow or undertuned compared to the dmg outputs of guns and skills. Almost every heal in the game is slow, The new medic gear set seems promising to gain that sustain, however, it only works fine when all the players are in proximity, when they don´t, heals can't compensate the dmgs taken.
    As an example of this too. Hive healear drones, are way faster when the player is near the hive, and awfully slow when it's far from it, making the healing, almost meaningless. Allways speaking of a fully dedicated healer hive.
    I believe Healing skills on pvp should scale better with skill tiers.

    It'd be cool if bonus armor, the blue one, has some sort of damage resillience, that way it can be stronger and make it more appealling for group sinergy. Somehow exotic chest blue armor seems to be stronger than other blue armors.

    Weapon and skill dmg:
    Maybe pistols are a bit overtuned still, same as snipers. But I believe weapon dmg overall until heals get better are a bit too powerfull still.
    For skills, I'll check the next stage, but I feel autotarget skills or cover based ones, shouldn't deal as much dmg, And I'm talking about the mortar turret for ex or the stinger hive.

    Pestilence and Negotiators Dilema.
    Those two provide cheap dmg even when you are not in line of sight. Which makes no sense in a cover base shooter imo.
    Pestilence debuff shouldn't last more than 3 seconds in pvp and shouldnt go through the full body shields.
    And Negotiator Dilema same duration, no more than 5 seconds, and should require at 3 crits to mark and maybe a 5mt radius to make 50% of the shot dmg.

    I'll post a second thread or and addition to this one whenever I'm able to test some more.
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    Agree with points 2, 3, and 4. Not sure about damage resilience for bonus armor especially with things like system corruption and Tardigrade around, but other than that spot on.
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    Yeah, I see what you mean, but in that case those talents or gears that give too much bonus armor, can be tweaked a bit.
    Here is an example video of the Headhunter talent on pvp. On tap bodyshot after a 7 mill headshot kill to an npc.

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    Yeah I personally haven't tested Headhunter yet so didn't really have an opinion on your first point. But from what I've been seeing and hearing, it definitely needs to be tweaked as well.
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    Basically took half of my list and put it here.

    Agreed on most points.

    Pistols are over tuned and do too much damage. Same with MMR. If you fully spec into a MMR build then you should one shot to head, anything other than the head you should still survive.

    Head Hunter talent will be very strong in PvP if not tuned. (Did 34 million on a NPC with a pistol.)

    Heals overall feel very lacking and need a change to be on par or slightly below damage output. (You don't want everyone just dropping heals and not being able to kill anyone but instead use it as a means to 'outplay' the other team / person.) I want to at times run healer builds and I think with the new gear set and tuning to the PvP heal modifier they can be viable again.

    I think Bruce said that #4 will be addressed in phase 2? I truly hope so because that cheese is still in the PTS and makes it hard to truly test stuff.
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    Totaly aggreed with healing
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    I've shared this thread with the team, I saw others mention something similar so I appreciate you all taking the time to share your thoughts here.
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