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    Delivery Requests Glitch?

    I’m at 99% in the dna tracker. The only thing I need is delivery requests mission which are currently at 66%. I did them all. There is 8. 3 in the frontier, 3 in ny, 2 in Boston. Went back and checked multiple times. The npcs are not there anymore, which means I already completed it? Watched video/ seen posts, nothing helped. I also looked in my logbook, the delivery request part is gone. This is literally the only thing I need for the platinum. I have over 50 hours played. Anyone else have this problem? Is there a way to fix it?
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    I had the same bug. But I followed a couple of videos and was able to find the request I was missing. Virtually none of them were showing up on the map until I was 10-15 feet away from them.
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    Troy's Wood Delivery Request

    I am at 99% complete with only the delivery requests left to do, and for some reason the Troy's Wood Delivery Request is missing so I can't start the request as the man isn't there?
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