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    Account blocked

    Hi, apparently this email already had an account. I made this new one because I have forgotten the account email under the user name Saphorica. I believe it is under the email
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    [ REDACTED ]
    . However, when I try to login, it says that I have been blocked because of trying to login too many times. I try to reset the password, but when it says it's sent a password recovery email to the said email above, I don't get one. Please help me, I am trying to get back into Rainbow Six Seige and this is making it impossible.
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    fyter345: Hi there, fyter345! That email actually isn't linked to any Ubisoft Account at this time. With that said, we can definitely assist you with this issue. To get started, please feel free to either create a Ubisoft Support ticket here, create a support ticket with our social media support on the Ubisoft Support Facebook or Ubisoft Support Twitter, or send a Private Message to me directly.
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