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    Can we get rid of MODS completely or redo them?

    What is the point of MODS and having 20,000 different mods? Can we have a Rolodex of mods where store our highest values and then can equip from there? No mod inventory, no reason to keep or even get mods as drops once we "max" our Rolodex of mods.

    This game has a serious mod problem and it along with the layers of RNG on gear needs to be addressed...

    There is no reason I need to have 100 mods and continue to get mods as drops that are crap and 20% rolled. What is the point???
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    I second this.

    Mods are in a very bad spot since TU8, they have been neutered and they drop too much.

    Add mods to the recalibration table and reduce their drop rate by at least a half. Quality and not quantity is what was supposed to be.
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    I agree, I would love to see them changed, they were much better before gear 2.0 but most are pretty useless now, haven't seen a perfect god roll yet and I'm just snowed under with the amount of crap mod drops.

    A mod library does sound pretty cool, wouldn't mind seeing that and it's something else to chase.
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    The issue is mainly skill mods. Runner up would be weapon mods.
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