So I love the Talent for my Aces/Airaldi Sniper.

I bought the Named "Walker.."-Chest and tested it out.

My Nemesis capped out at 54.910.768 (2.100.000 total damage)
and my White Death at 30.312.244 (1.100.000 total damage)
with all talents active.

Now if I swap to my White Death after I killed an NPC with my capped Nemesis,
the cap of the White Death is now at 57.258.816 for one shot only (almost double).
The second shot will be at 30.312.244 again.

I guess it is because the talent says: " additional 150% of that killing
blow's damage." and it uses the Nemesis' cap as a reference.

The other way around, if you then swap back from the White Death to the Nemesis
with the last kill having done 57.258.816 of damage, the Nemesis only does
35.347.304 and can be raised to it's cap again.

I only used non-crit numbers to make it better comparable.

If this is intended, the last part of the talent needs an adjustment, because you can go
higher than 1500% of the weapon damage.