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    Impossible to join a session online - UBI SERVER ISSUE ?


    We played some online coop with friends at the beginning of may, but since almost 3-4 days it's strictly impossible to join any game (with strangers or with friends) in spy/mercs or coop.
    It just says connecting, and then that it was impossible to join the session. Of course we and my friend tried also with a DMZ computer IP, and absolutely no firewall. It was working great a few days ago, is there something wrong with the servers ??
    Do any of you guys have the same errors ? I can't find any in this forum... thanks !
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    Hi sfsfezrfgertgre,

    Thank you for contacting us, we're sorry to hear that's been the case.

    Are you and your friends in the same area? Is there a specific error message that you get with a code?

    Just to confirm, we would advise against having your PC in the DMZ, this is generally only safe for consoles.
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    Thank you for your answer. You'll find the screenshots attached.
    We're both in France, nothern for him and southern for me. I'm using the Steam version, he's using a Uplay only version. But as I said it was working great a few weeks ago and we didn't change a thing. I even bought a new copy of the game so as to have a Uplay only version, but the problem is still there...

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    Ok, replying to my own thread here, maybe this will help some of you.

    TLDR : Beware of the Steam version, since the last Uplay update it can't join sessions with other players...

    To follow up, I managed to get the multiplayer working with my friends. It seems to me that since the last (may) update of Uplay, you can't join or create a session with friends if you have the steam version of the game... I had to buy another copy only for Uplay to make some tests, and two computers on different ISPs : the PC with the game on Steam never could join the sessions from my friends (all on Uplay only versions of the game), whereas my PC with the game on Uplay managed to join EVERY SINGLE TIME...

    I hope this can help !
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