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    Anno 1800 dlcs

    Because I am a perfectionist I simply cannot enjoy Anno 1800 anymore . I did enjoy it till the new dlcs were released . Now , because I bought the first season pass , the gameplay is kind of messy for me.
    I am the type of player that enjoys finishing one thing (map) and moving onto another one after the first one is completed 100 %, but with the dlcs that's not possible . It gets too much for me basically, after certain amount of time on the main map you unlock the 2nd map which is fine to be able to continue producing all that you need, but then with the dlcs on, you get the third map and another one I believe ( I didn't play it in a while so I don't remember exactly ) to expand . It just too much for me when I am playing with couple of AI's. That is way I never really finish the game properly for that reason . So...
    What I LOVE to be able to do is to switch on the dlcs one after another , AFTER the main 2 maps are completed.
    Does anybody feel the same or am I the only weirdo in the house ?
    Thank you.
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    can Anno ever really be finished?
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    Umm, you don't really need to discover those maps until you feel like doing so Just don't do the expedition. For arctic it's 100% that no AI will go there until you do the first airship. I remember on Cape it was also supposed to behave like that, but I am not 100%.
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    I just didn't do the expeditions to unlock those areas until I wanted to. And even once I unlocked Cape Trelawney I haven't built there right away, I settled 2 extra islands then went back to doing other things. And I only just unlocked the Arctic because I am ready to develop Cape Trelawney but I wanted to be able to use gas instead of oil for power. I think the DLC's are awesome and I love that they give you other areas to develop.

    And can Anno ever be 'finished'? Seriously I have developed Ditchwater to where I wanted it, I am not adding anymore residents right now, but I still have to check on it. Make sure I am not over producing and filling up storage, or under producing, I need to check my trade routes ares till running smoothly.
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    Thanks for replays guys. Yes, I don't have to do the expeditions , that's right , but will that not make my AI's more powerful ? I mean I might "finish" my first 2 maps but then when I do the expedition I'd be way behind , no ? They will have more resources and be more powerful then me I think ...
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    The AI's weren't in the new areas when I unlocked them. I know of easier setting they don't go to the new areas until you have unlocked the, and in the case of the Arctic until you build your first airship. I can't say for sure about difficult settings, but I don't think they do. But if you want to the 100% sure you can always just unlock the areas and go and claim a few islands without even building there, that's what I did in the New World and Cape Trelawney, claimed all the islands I wanted and then just continued on with whatever I wanted to do.

    But as I said until you unlock them the AI's shouldn't go there.
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    Ok, so I've looked a bit online and the answers are inconsistent. Some ppl are saying that the AI waits, the others that it doesn't . I suppose I could find the answer myself , but I'm pretty sure it happened to me before that they settled before my expedition. So ... I don't know
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    Well in my game they have never gotten to an area before me. I have had to unlock it before they turned up there and since I play on easy they ask for permission to settle an island anyway so I can always decline. What are your settings?
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    All right, I suppose I could play with only "weak" AI but my favourite settings were : 2 weak ones and one medium, so I could have a bit of a challenge or even war for fun. In the future I'd love to do 3 strong ones but that's in a loong future . I might just give it a go with the friendly settings first ...
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    I would say you will be safe with 2 weak and 1 medium, that is the easy setting really unless you use custom settings.
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