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    Looking for more players for our group

    We're just a group of longtime gaming friends looking to expand our group as we get things going again in Division 2. Players of all skill levels are welcomed and we have no problem helping others to progress in the game. Currently, we are back to 6 players and are looking to add at least 2 more in order to possibly Raid.

    As for the requirements, just no drama and Discord is a must for in game comms. Other than those, there are none. Basically if you want to be a part of a group that just wants to chill and play games, we are it. We're not a clan so there aren't any of those obligations to abide by. If you're interested just jump in our discord here, https://discord.gg/Ra7XqYs or contact one us from the list below on Uplay.

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    Interest to join your group

    Hi there,

    I am back to playing TD2 and have no one to Play with.
    I´m 25 years old and i have discord.
    Have to get another cord to use the mic, tho.
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    Added you
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    Hey guys, I would love to join your group.
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    For sure man. Hit me up in game or add me on discord. Axewoods#4444
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    Thanks man, I added you... Hope to play together and learn new stuff.
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    We've gained a few more people and are still looking to expand our group some more. If you're new to the game, we have no problem helping you with your build. If you're just looking for another group of good people to play with because your other group fell apart, your more than welcome to join us as well. Our goal is to get enough people to do all the content in the game and to just chill while having a good time.
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    Looking to join up with some folks to get the raid done - Mature gent gamer - DPS Build only atm - playing a lot recently....
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    Sent you an invite
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