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    Crashes ingame. No error is displayed


    I have been having lots of issues while playing division 2.
    When i got it it was fine but a couple of months have passed and has become near unplayable.

    I get random crashes to desktop with no error code and at some times i get "predator" type paint in some objects ingame. Sometimes is on dumpsters others is the sky and so on.

    I manage to get crashes sometimes every 5 minutes or less..other times i can play for and hour or 2.
    I really don't know what is happening since i play other titles (warzone, BF5 and so on) without issues so i think i shouldn't be my hardware giving up....

    Much appreciated for any help.
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    i'm experiencing the same thing since the last update. Other games run totally fine. The game will stutter and sometimes recover (making my character look like he's in fast forward then stuck) but more often than not it'll change to windowed mode and crash,
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    I just go back to the game after almost 2 months of inacitivity ... and same as you, 4 crash, back to desktop in 30mn .... no message, just a big freeze 2mn before the crash.
    I never had any issus before in 315h.
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    Ubi-Mark.'s Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Nov 2017
    Hello Agents,

    Sorry to hear about your experience. Can you please perform the troubleshooting steps listed in this article? Many thanks and apologies for any inconvenience caused by this. If you have any additional questions, please let us know.
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    Hi Mark, thanks for the link. Out of interest, does Div2 support playing on Nvidia Quadro cards?
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    i also have issues, game freezes all of a sudden. I have to kill it from task manager
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    Originally Posted by shoesgfx Go to original post
    i also have issues, game freezes all of a sudden. I have to kill it from task manager
    Same. Troubleshooting steps by Ubi-Mark or other Ubisoft employees do not help, did all of them a couple of times. Sending DXDiag and MSinfo files to the developers does not lead to any solution. Other well known steps like updating all your drivers (Windows, windows essentials, peripherals, GPU, MoBo, sound etc.), running all PC components stock (no overclocking), running a performance power setting mode, not running any background programs or overlays (including disabling windows game bar, Nvidia experience, RivaTuner, Uplay overlay etc.), running division.exe in administrator mode and compatibility mode, verifying the game files via Uplay, deleting the shader cache etc. do NOT help to alleviate the game freezing. Massive does not care investigating and solving freezing and crashing issues with the game.
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    I have also been experiencing game crashes, just as S3lll as described in his post.
    This is only happening within Division 2 - no other game I have played, is experiencing this issue.
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    I had a look thru Windows Event Viewer and found two events that coincide with Div2 crashes. There were ESENT errors (mentioned in this thread here) under Windows logs/Application and under Custom Views/Admin events there is an nvlddmkm error (mentioned in this thread here and here). General consensus is that DX12 is unreliable in Div2 and from the looks of the spec on the other PCs with the same issue, they're mostly using higher end cards (1080/2080 etc). I've switched to DX11, created the log file mentioned in the ESENT error (wasn't there before) and will see how it goes. I'd be interested to know what GPUs others have in this thread and if they're running DX11/12 and if they have the same errors in event viewer.
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