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    Ranked is crawling witch cheaters

    just played 4 ranked games in diamond - plat 1 rank.lost all of them because of cheaters
    its so fun . u just sit there and kill your self every round until game finish then u start another one hoping for a fair game but guess what .... CHEATERS again
    but we don't need any fix for that right ubi ?all we need is new operators and map reworks
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    you do know they have commented on cheating, right? and they are addressing more community concerns soon: https://twitter.com/Rainbow6Game/sta...677241857?s=20
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    They'd better, because it's not just Ranked. You can't play Casual at all without at least half the enemy team using zero-recoil scripts on their weapons, ESP hacks and other crutches. When they get called out, they usually just sneer and say 'Yeah we cheat. What's UBI gonna do about it?' Because UBI has a very long track record of just letting cheaters get away with doing whatever they want. (Especially those dang 'witch cheaters' )

    Whatever UBI is cooking up to 'fix' the cheating (if anything), it had better be awesome. Cheating is the #1 issue that makes this game unplayable and broken, and it's been the elephant in their room that they just won't do anything about. They say 'we're working on it' and 'fixes are coming'. Please pardon our impatience and our skepticism. Because they've been saying that for five YEARS. It's time for them to put their money (which WE paid them) where their mouth is.
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    take clips and send to ubi.

    Closet hackers are the main problem.
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    The problem is that 'causal cheating' in Siege is too easy. There's a bunch of sites that sell ESP mods, recoil scripts, weapon swap scripts, and other cheats which casual cheaters will download and use because it is easy to do and Ubisoft does a poor job of detecting them. So it's all benefit and no risk because they get all the benefits of cheating and Ubisoft doesn't do near enough to stop it. And even if they do catch an occasional cheater they go through a "review" process for some indefinite period of time, and in the end they give the cheater a 24 hour penalty or some other wrist-slap and then they're back to cheating a day or two later.

    It's a system that favors the cheaters so strongly that there is no disincentive to it. So casual cheaters can cheat without fear of any real repercussions, which in turn encourages more people to cheat and creates an ugly cycle of ever escalating numbers of casual cheaters.

    Until Ubisoft finds a way to make cheating (A) hard to do and (B) incredibly painful when someone gets caught then things aren't going to change.
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