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    [Patch Notes] May Update

    Greetings Riders,

    Thursday May 28th will mark the release of Trials Rising’s 11th post-launch update. Let’s take a look at what’s included in the patch.

    Leaderboard Clean Up

    The Trials Rising Live team has been working to clean-up some incorrect times on the leaderboards. Over the last few weeks some clean-up has been happing on the leaderboards and more is on the horizon after TU11 is released:

    • Recalculated global score for all players in the top 200

    • Recalculated global score for various other profiles identified as having inconsistencies

    • Removing scores achieved using an exploit on the Out of Control skill game

    • Removing scores achieved due to a bug on the Texas Turmoil Stadium Finals

    • Removing scores achieved using an exploit on the track Tilting at Windmills

    Patch Notes


    [PC] Fixed a network issue that caused 1-2 second pauses during gameplay due to calls being made to the server


    [ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed a physics exploit on the track Tilting at Windmills

    Track Central

    [ALL PLATFORMS] Increase cache time for active feed (improves loading times when reentering Track Central after playing a track)


    [ALL PLATFORMS] Changed behavior of the current song UI to not reappear when restarting the track

    [ALL PLATFORMS] Current song UI will be hidden during gameplay when the music volume is turned to zero

    [ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed Gear Crate preview to display all items organized by rarity

    [ALL PLATFORMS] Changed Next Medal UI on Track Central Ninja tracks to display faults instead of time

    [STADIA] Fixed a bug that displayed “#0” after Stadia profile names on the leaderboard


    [ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed mismatching IDs for various textures in the Track Editor’s Decal tool

    [ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed a bug that caused the “Easy to Learn, Hard to Master” sticker to have a black background instead of transparent

    [ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed a bug that changed the appearance of Terrain Materials texture #182

    Controller/Input Devices

    [STADIA] Fixed a bug that caused input setting to not be retained when rebooting the game

    [STADIA] Fixed an issue that caused input to repeat when playing on Chromecast

    [STADIA] Fixed UI to display controller inputs for the most recently used input device

    Track Editor

    [STADIA] Fixed inconsistent Test Track behavior when creating a Supercross mode track

    [SWITCH] Fixed an issue that caused the game to freeze if the physics radius is set above 200m

    Gear Store

    [ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed incorrect redirect after reporting an item


    [ALL PLATFORMS] Adjusted rider posture when riding the Crawler


    [ALL PLATFORMS] – After the May 28 patch Track Pack Icons on the world map will incorrectly display their price as “Free” when viewed in offline mode. The Track Pack cannot be purchased offline and after reconnecting, the correct Acorn price will update and display before confirming a purchase. This bug is expected to be fixed in our next patch.
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    Thanks. Can you pin this and remove the April Update pin?
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    Originally Posted by UbiKeeba Go to original post

    [PC] Fixed a network issue that caused 1-2 second pauses during gameplay due to calls being made to the server
    If you guys could fix this bug on consoles, where it has existed since the game's launch, that would be cool. And it's almost certainly the same bug, since the pauses on consoles go away when you play offline (i.e. when calls to the server cannot be made).
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    Nice job finding and nailing some of those big ones!
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    Sounds Awesome
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    Aaaaaaand... it still stutters on the PS4...
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    I know it's the job of the developers to fix these things, and it's pretty much expected by most players, but I also know it can be frustrating especially when one fix creates a new issue. It's not always as simple as finding and fixing one thing (the butterfly effect can cause chaos). So, nice work and thumbs up to the crew there for this and other issues fixed.
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    Can you fix the game loading time on xbox one ( when pressing a the loading will be on 100% and just load for like 10 minutes at most sometimes, its rather annoying

    Can you give us free face masks just to protect us in the game please
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    When will Out Of Control be cleaned up? Been checking everyday since the patch as I am not one of the riders to have used the glitch. The leaderboard still has not been touched.
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