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    Tear gas?

    Do you think tear gas would be a good addition to attackers/utility?
    Or perhaps an operator with a tear gas launcher?
    I've previously suggested replacing Tachankas incoming incendiary grenade launcher be replaced with tear gas grenade launcher as I thought that there are enough lethal area denial gadgets in the game already.
    Any opinions?
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    and what would the tear gas do that isn't just area denial?
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    It could disorientate Ops with a similar effect to echo's drone but Without the sound distortion, blurring vision, a rocking effect with further disorientation and blurring if sprinting which I believe they're removing as an effect of echo's drone.
    Making it difficult to aim
    Plant denial if you wanted.

    Stops the op from aiming down sight, so only hip far is available.

    I don't know do you have suggestions, input?
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    so it's basically just area denial
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    So you have no input, nothing to share? you was just looking for an excuse to be a patronising jerk? shaking my head.🙄
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    More options is always better. But I, certainly, would not want it to be like in ReadyOrNot, Where you just start coughing and can't shoot.
    Maybe a greenish tint with wet drips on the screen with a little bit of wobbling.
    The concept is cool. I'd like to see it implemented, but ma PrOLeAgUe would not agree, i'm sure.
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