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    Cross Saving? Will it ever come?

    Yes I know this question has been brought up many times, but when will us Siege players see cross saving? A ton of other games have it and there's no reason Siege shouldn't have it either. I just switched from console to PC and I miss my 3 years worth of skins, operators, etc. , already. I've spent a lot of money on the game(and so have many other people) and I truly don't see the reason for cross saving with your uplay account isn't possible yet. I may sound annoying with this post but I feel a tad cheated out of my money for all the stuff I've bought over the past couple of years. Thanks for reading
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    Agreed, and especially with new consoles coming later this year, people might want to change platforms, in whatever direction. We should be able to link our accounts if we want to play across multiple platforms; this does mean buying the game multiple times, so there's monetary incentive there for them to make this happen.
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    I'm switching from XBOX1 to PS5. So i'll lose rank and my characters and any unlocks. Also be griefed as a zero rank. Almost doesn't sound worth playing Siege any more. I sure hope Socom Navy Seals comes out to PS5. Then I wont have to buy any other shooters then.
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