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    Server issues and in game difficulties


    Every time we play with my wife, either via LAN or online, after a few hours messages about the lack of synchronization begin to appear (as on the screen above). Although screen did not catch that info about this error goes through the center of the screen and contains a string of twice four digits, for example 3080 3029 and others. It is not too bothersome, but it disturbs. Things get a lot more boring when it comes to our direct duel. Then, after several rounds of combat, the game on one of the computers hangs; it looks like the picture of the unit at the bottom becomes small and the player can do nothing, while the other one leads the game until the next opponent's unit. Then and on the second computer the game freezes.

    I will add that my wife and I have our own Ubisoft accounts and legal, complete, identical versions of the game 2.2.1 - 40632, and graphics cards that are updated on a regular basis.

    And in addition to that since couple of days occurs an connection error, does not matter who is currently the host, after few hours of play server disconnected the game and we cannot connect again.
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    Hey kronn113!

    I'm sorry you guys are having these issues when playing together. Do you guys play on the same network by any chance?

    Can you both run through this guide and let us know if the issue persists?
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