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    I am Looking for a Game Modding Collaboration with Regular Non-Ubisoft Staff Players

    I would like to study game modding and have this thread help teach advanced game modding.
    I would like the game in general, vastly improved better than it is now.

    Children that can follow you around with their own baseball bats. They have AI.
    Pets like cats, ducks, otters that can follow you around. They have AI.
    It would have things added in like improved camera system.
    A new mission to escape to a more heavenly survivor's village.
    A subscription service.
    Single Player is still here. AI helps with it being single player.
    Zombi should be taken off Steam and have its own dedicated console. Steam has a bad reputation.

    To get all this done, we may need a petition.
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    Bro, simply add the online support to the multiplayer part of the game, and I am sold. Specially 'Capture the flag' mode.
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    To Friskii:
    You are only person, asking for that.
    Multiplayer is EXORBITANTLY EXPENSIVE on the server bill!
    They do not even put real multiplayer in games nowadays. They limit that to a very few games.
    Either the official game staff related workers work as gamers playing on multiplayer for testing purposes, from locally sourced human players.
    OR an AI literally plays the game on multiplayer mode and they rebrand it as multiplayer with real human players.
    They separately do things and give you the illusion of real multiplayer.

    I firmly believe that AI has to stay. AI can improve itself to be more realistic via improvement cranks and tweaks.
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    Whoa did not know this. Almost sounds like a conspiracy theory. Wait a minute then. How do you explain Wiimmfi then? Surely it needs money to run those servers but seems to be doing very very good without billing players almost a decade now. And it has open statistics that prove these are all real human players. Plus, I would gladly support financially.
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