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    Reboot Raving Rabbids

    Yoooo my slimes...
    What if Ubisoft brought back the Raving Rabbids franchise for the new generation of consoles?
    Imagine a game where you can customize your own rabbids and cause chaos with your friends... let me go into more detail

    A storyline that can be done by yourself or with friends (maybe even a separate set of co-op missions for special items for your Rabbids? So much potential)
    An open-world map (such as a fictional city or one map for each real life city where a Ubisoft studio is bases like Paris from rayman raving rabbids 2) with minigames (sewer racing) easter eggs, events (alien invasions, verminator crackdowns) and things to do in general.

    Make it 20-30 dollars or maybe even make it a mobile game, either way, you’d have a lot of eager customers
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    That's actually a really good idea, I hope Ubisoft's team listens to you. I would prefer it for Switch, though, if it could be, I'm not a huge fan of mobile games and I think Switch the perfect portable console, to be honest, I can take it with me anywhere and that's what I do, most of my play-time is in my way to work, and it has a great quality (most of the games, at least). Since I have it I barely touched my PS4 or XBOX, only to play exclusive games.

    Anyway, I would really like to play the game you're describing. I have no idea how long it would take, but I would definitely buy it.
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