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    It appears Epic have modified the listing as it did originally state Farcry 3 was included in the description.

    It's clearly included in the Season Pass seen on the Epic Game store (which comes with the Gold Edition)

    I'll be pretty upset if Epic decide this shouldn't be honoured. If a game includes a Season Pass, it should include all the features included in the Season Pass!
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    Sorry, this is the correct link to the Season Pass on Epic Game Store
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    I reached out to Epic Games Player Support about this on Friday, and instead of saying the Far Cry 5 Gold Edition/Season Pass doesn't include Far Cry 3 Classic Edition (as they've told some of you), this was the response I got:

    "We're sorry that you've been unable to access Far Cry 3 after your purchase of the Far Cry 5 Season Pass. Due to current system limitations, we are manually granting Far Cry 3 to players on a weekly basis on Monday. If you do not have the game at that point, please don't hesitate to reach back out to us."

    It's now Monday 6:47pm and I still don't have the game in my library, though...
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    I purchased Far cry 5 gold edition from the Epic store 11 days ago (Friday 15th of may). Waited for 7 days because it would be added manually within that time, then waited another 3 days because its supposed to be added manually on Monday every week (according to 2 posts here).

    Now its Tuesday, 11 days since my purchase and still no sign of Far cry 3. I created a ticket on the Epic store and am awaiting a reply. But would appreciate if Ubi support could give some update on the situation as well.
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    I have actually bought far cry 5 gold edition on Epic games store.It's showing that I own the base game and gold edition but the season pass and dlc's are displayed unavailable.when I have visited uplay launcher,owned dlc list included almost all dlc's and even season pass is listed but
    far cry 3 classic edition is not present in the list, which is included in season pass.Also adjacent to this list it is asking me to purchase season pass,I don't understand. Can this be fixed?"
    This was my Epic games ticket discription.
    I still didn't hear back from them,it has been a couple days since submission.
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    Epic has actually been very quick to respond with me, I've emailed them 4 or so times about this issue and they've always got back to me the same day, though that isn't to say it hasn't been an incredibly frustrating process.

    After telling me that the game will appear in my library on Monday (it didn't), I emailed them saying that the game hadn't appeared in my library so I still couldn't download it.

    Their reply? "Let me inform you that you will have to download the game."

    So after reiterating to them that I was unable to download the game if it's not showing in my library, they simply got back to me with "We’re investigating your issue further and will contact you when our research is completed, or if we need more information."

    I wonder if anyone on this forum actually had the issue resolved for them on Monday, because they seem to be making out like it's something unique to my account when it's clear from this forum that it's affecting at least several people.

    I really don't understand why Ubisoft can't step in with an update on what's going on seeing as it's a uPlay game so Epic is essentially just acting as a proxy for Ubisoft's own storefront here...
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    Far cry 3 showed up in my Epic library after a restart of the Epic client just now. (Restarted the Epic client multiple times today and just now it showed up)
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    Same as @Aevalon

    I have the game as well
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    Originally Posted by Aevalon Go to original post
    Far cry 3 showed up in my Epic library after a restart of the Epic client just now. (Restarted the Epic client multiple times today and just now it showed up)
    Originally Posted by hecluro Go to original post
    Same as @Aevalon

    I have the game as well
    Awesome to hear that you now have the game!
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    Thanks for the heads up, just checked and it's not showing for me too!
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