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    Did not receive track won in season before the new Couch Potato season

    I just finished the season before the new couch potato season that started on 5/16/20. Im pretty sure there was supposed to be a new track in the prizes from last season but I cant find it anywhere. I finished at level 5 so I got the whole space suit outfit and the new UFO Mariner paint job but wasnt there supposed to be a new track as well if you finished at level 5 or lower? Im pretty sure there was a new track in the list of things you can win and am pretty sure it was a prize I would have picked up winning at level 5. Does anyone know for sure there was a new track from last season or what the name of it was? Unfortunately there is no way to go back and look at prizes from last season to check and cant find any info about the name of the last season or what the prizes were. Anyone know the name of the track or where it is supposed to be located? Any help on this would be appreciated.

    PS - My Midnight Circuit seems like it is hosed since on of the most recent circuits season finished. It wont let me collect my winning....its just stuck with the timer at 0:00. Now I see a new one started but its still stuck in an older season where I cant do anything. Anyone have an clues on how to get it fixed?
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    there was no maps last season. Maybe i already owned it. Midnight is dead and the game will die soon too cauz redlynx wont give a **** anymore
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    Ah ok cool For some reason I thought there was a track included in last season. Buzzkill about Midnight Circuit being forever broke and the developer just leaving people SOL.i thought there was a ton of interest in the game so Im not sure why they would be such a fail. Id go for Fusion or a new trials app if they go that route but they should still support Trials Frontier because a lot of people have a big investment (time...and Im sure money) in the game.
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